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Chasing Light Speakers is a visionary all women speakers agency.  We work as consultants to help our clients book the ideal women speakers for events, meetings and trainings. In addition to our featured speakers, we will book an anyone you can imagine to light up your room.

At Chasing Light Speakers, we partner with the most interesting, diverse and inspiring women on earth.  We work with a deep network comprised of women who are living extraordinary lives. They are thinking about the newest ideas, as they lead powerful and inclusive conversations, impacting the world future.

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The road to gender diversity in the workplace begins with embracing perspectives that are fresh, varied and inclusive. The event industry is taking a powerful step forward in order to reflect a tapestry of voices that resonate with evolving audiences. Meeting, conference and event planners hold a particularly influential position to impact and balance the front line and illuminate the global conversation. The recipe is simple, invite a woman to take the stage and watch minds open and horizons expand.

Book the most inspiring women on earth…

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