Questions about Working with Chasing Light Women Speakers

How is Chasing Light Women Speakers different from other speaker agencies?

We are the first agency that exclusively represents female speakers.  We are committed to illuminating the powerful, diverse and unique views of women.


How do I initiate the process of booking a female speaker for my event?

Contact Chasing Light Women Speakers at 1-917-407-4754 or send us an email through our Contact page. One of our event planning coaches will guide you through the process and help you determine the best female speaker for your event.  We will be here to support you throughout the entire process – all the way through to the rave reviews of your female speaker after your event. If you prefer, you can email us directly at and we will promptly respond.

If there is a woman speaker or topic that I am thinking of that is not listed on your site of women speakers can you help me to book them?

The simple answer is “absolutely.”  Our goal is to find the female speaker who is the most interesting and best fit for your group or event.  We have a great deal of knowledge about  interesting, unique women speakers and how to create great conversation.  As connectors, we work to make the ideal match that will leave your group lit up and inspired.  Your thoughts and ideas matter to us-  we consider our clients to be our partners.  Ultimately, we can get you any woman speaker you can imagine.

What Are Chasing Light Women Speaker’s Fees?

The fee for our services is included in the speaker’s fee. In most cases there will be additional expenses to cover the speaker’s travel  and accommodations.  All of those details  will be clearly reviewed with you so there are no surprises.

Can we ask the speaker to participate in additional events as part of their appearance?

This is a request that you can make in advance and we will try to work it out for you and prepare them in advance.  Each woman speaker has different guidelines and preferences.

How long do the speakers present?

This varies by female speaker and type of event.  30-40 minutes is common, but some will speak longer based on your needs.

Do you handle issues that may arise on the day of my event?

If any problem comes up regarding weather, transportation or other unforeseen issues we are always available to assist you.  We will make sure that things run smoothly.  Though our agency in its current form is young, we have been planning successful events for many years.